Stephen Cox introduced the students. 

The Forum took place over several days and Liam and Nathaniel stayed at O’Rorke Hall and attended lectures and activities at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) and Massey University in Albany.  
There was a wide variety of activities which covered a range of topics from Biology, Ethics, Electronics, Robotics to Food Technology.  As well as learning workshops, there were opportunities to socialise with other students from around New Zealand with similar interests and passions. 
Liam and Nathaniel both thanked the Te Awamutu Rotary Club for the opportunity to attend the Science Forum.  

Overall Impressions from the Forum  
• Lasting connections were made with other students and lecturers.  
• Liam discovered that Computer Science covered a very wide range of possibilities.  
• They both reaffirmed that learning can be fun and that fellowship was an important part of this journey.
• Ethics plays a major part in the undergirding of a career in Science.  
• Both students have had their horizons widened and they are looking forward to finding training and careers in new areas offered.
Liz Wright thanked the boys and their teacher for giving us such an interesting and informative presentation and for representing their school and community in such an inspiring manner.  
Liam and Nathaniel, best of luck for your futures in Science.