Posted on Apr 07, 2019
Husain Abbas --- was our International Speaker as we learn to develop international and intercultural understanding.  
“Kia Ora, As-salamu alaykum, Hello and thank you for the invitation”.
Husain has been in NZ for over two years, He is a Muslim of Bahrain, Lebanese, Iranian descent and he came to NZ as a refugee.  
His father is a human rights activist and is in prison in Bahrain.  His wife has trained as a nurse and they have 2 daughters aged 3 and 5 --- they are still in Bahrain but will be arriving in NZ in a few weeks.  
Husain works as an engineer at Oji in Kawerau. And his residency in NZ has just been approved.
Husain said that it is important that we learn not to fear others and to find some common ground; that we learn not to offend others through being insensitive.  In the Koran it says that mankind was made into nations and tribes but not so as to fear others but to make friends and get on with each other.
The fact that the shootings happened in Christchurch is a sign that something is terribly wrong in the world.  Westerners should not view all Muslims as ISIS or al-Qaeda just as the shooter does not represent all English people.   And it is important to note that most of those killed in the Middle East are mainly Muslims. Muslims have been responsible for many great inventions and ideas in all areas of life.  
There are two kinds of people --- brothers in faith or equals in humanity and if we remember this then extremism would not exist.   Husain dreams of a time when Islam is not feared.