All District 9930 leaders are responsible for the content of pages in this website which relate to their area of leadership or programme responsibility.
If you are a district officer or programme chair, you should be certain that all information is current and correct.  And you should notify the district Content Editor of any changes or updates that need to made. 
Further, this website is a key tool to promote your area of responsibility or for providing important information to fellow Rotarians. You want the information to be presented in an attractive, clear, and compelling manner.  In the TOOLS area of this website you find information for using graphics, photos, videos and other tools and suggestions to enhance your presence on the district website. 
DISTRICT CALENDAR:  One of the most useful tools in this website is the real-time District Calendar.  If there are events or target dates related to your area of responsibility, and you need Rotarians to know these key days (such as a training date or a grant submission deadline)  these dates can be inserted in the District Calendar. 
Events can be added, deleted, or updated any time.  There is also an on-line form for submitting information to be included in the District Calendar.  For additional information about the District Calendar  ClICK HERE