Chartered in 1987, Waikato Sunrise has a vibrant and youthful membership of men and women. We have a focus on contributing to our local and international communities, with a particular interest in youth development.
Waikato Sunrise starts each Friday with a breakfast meeting at the Ferrybank Lounge overlooking the beautiful Waikato River. While our meetings are enjoyable and well attended, we encourage engagement in the community as an integral part of being a Rotarian.
Each year, we select projects to support by funding sponsorships and donations, and providing active hands-on service.
Through partnerships with Montana Catering and International Entertainment, Waikato Sunrise and our Friends of Rotary raises funds for charitable purposes. This is achieved by serving in the hospitality tents at local rugby games and other major events in the Waikato, along with the sale of tickets to Circus Quirkus – a human circus performed annually at Founders Theatre in Hamilton.
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