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RLI ‐ Rotary Leadership Institute Developing Rotarians as leaders for the future by providing Rotary Learning and Information

Day 2 ONLY.

RLI is a multi-district leadership programme, well established worldwide, with the mission to strengthen Rotary clubs through quality leadership education. It provides the opportunity for all Rotarians to develop and refresh their skills as leaders while also broadening their understanding about Rotary.

The course is a fun, interactive, hands-on series of sessions designed to provide Rotary knowledge and develop leadership skills, with the content of the sessions building on each other. Class size is limited to 20 participants maximum to ensure quality discussion.

What is covered?

Day 2 has been majorily updated and anyone needing to complete module 2 or 3 should attend the entire Day 2 as new modules have been added and modules changed from Part 11 to Part 111. Day 2 is about the Rotary World and Your Club and Experiences. 

What Is In It For You???

  • Learning from others and sharing ideas that you can embrace for yourself and take back to your club
  • Learning about Rotary and its programs and how these can offer opportunities to contribute to the community, locally and internationally
  • Challenging your thinking and encouraging you to think laterally and  try new stuff
  • Consider how being a Rotarian is an opportunity for personal growth and fulfilment.
  • Go back to your club with fresh ideas, new tools, new contacts, and we hope an increased motivation to take action as a Rotarian
  • Gaining some new skills and knowledge that you can also apply in your business and personal life.

No knowledge of Rotary or great experience is needed, just enthusiasm to participate. A typical RLI course will have both new and long-serving Rotarians participating.

$75 for the day. Cost includes morning tea, lunch and any additional course materials required.

Note: Failure to notify Chair of your inability to attend at least 48 hours prior to start will result in your club or you being liable for the fee for the course