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Here is the January Newsletter from our Tough Decision Maker District Governor Ross Pinkham.
Tough Decision For Our District Governor

It was a tough day on the 11th of March when the District’s Conference Committee met

New Downton Abbey Movie Opening Night with Hawkes Bay Rotary
Hawke's Bay Rotary Clubs will be offering very few seats to the Opening Night of Downton Abbey ~ A New Era.
Contact your club secretary or Max Patmoy maxpatmoy@gmail 027 279 3760
Zoom Advice From Rotary Tauranga Te Papa
These eight zoom meeting etiquette tips will help ensure more cohesive and productive virtual meetings for all.
1. Always be on time,
2. Pay attention to mute One of the most disruptive (and embarrassing) Zoom faux pas is when you forget to mute yourself in a Zoom meeting. Needless to say, background noise is very distracting to other participants. Luckily, there’s a simple fix for this. Pay attention to your meeting settings and the mute function. When you’re not talking, make sure to mute yourself. On the other hand, when it is time for you to speak, take an extra second to check your mute button. We have all made the mistake of speaking before unmuting ourselves, but taking the time to unmute before speaking will save you the embarrassment and hassle of repeating yourself.
Rotary Ahuriri Induct New Member of the Month
The beautiful meal was followed by Chris Whittington being inducted into our club.
His acceptance speech was a detailed account of his occupation as an engineer (he is a charted Bio-medical engineer) and his experience in the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum.
He couldn’t speak highly enough of this forum which concentrates on empowering people to provide humanitarian answers to human problems in undeveloped countries, e.g. using thermal water heating for houses, slow cooking with a focussed sun reflector, vaccinating in poorer countries. In other words, helping poorer countries increase their standard of living without compromising the environment.
Local Rotary clubs annually fund several students for this extremely worthwhile cause.
In-person Rotary Youth Exchanges to Resume 
It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since in-person exchanges were suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Since then, thousands of students have participated in engaging virtual exchanges, and club and district leaders have maintained their commitment to the program. Many districts are now preparing to resume in-person exchanges in 2022-23.
Rotary (Interplast) helps Tsajay With a New Nose
Two years ago, Tsagay was mauled by a bear. He lost his nose, was blinded in his left eye, and had a large hole in his face. After the trauma, he received a skin graft on the right-hand side of his face from local surgeons in India.
He knows that he is lucky to be alive, but he has lost his independence and his ability to provide for his family when he returned to his home country of Bhutan. The sight in his remaining right eye was hindered by scarring and he had great difficulty eating. Tsagay was fully dependent upon his family.
Rotary District Changeover
The Rotary Club of Te Kuiti invites you to attend the 9930 District Governor Changeover
Saturday 2nd July 2022 – Please save the date.
From:  Approx 11.30am
At: The Les Munro Centre 8 King Street East, Te Kuiti
Further information and details with regard the Changeover, costs and of registering will be advised in due course.
Kevin Forgeson
District Governor-Elect
Rotary District 9930
Mobile: 021 382 831 / Work: 07 878 8036
Havelock North Rotarians get a Tanning!


GUEST SPEAKERStephen Randal, a long-term member of our Club spoke about the leather industry, in which he’d spent his entire career. He advised members that the skin of any animal is its biggest organ. Early man was aware of the value of animal skins for protection from the elements, but no one knows how tanning evolved. It’s conjectured that it may have been accidental with someone observing that a skin discarded in a puddle containing tannin leached from a tree imparted some properties resulting in a basic level of durability. We know that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used leather sandals.

Historically tanning was a dirty, dangerous, difficult, and polluting industry that sometimes used carcinogenic chemicals and unpleasant natural products including human urine and dog poo. However that’s changed now and at least in the developed world, the industry has high standards with regards to staff health and safety and environmental issues – all of which form a significant part of Tanney management.

Stephen briefly explained some of the four main different types of tanning and their development and suitability for different uses. He explained that there have been huge advances in machinery and chemical and process technology over the past approx 150 years, and gave some examples. Although much of the developments have been labor-saving there have also been significant improvements in product quality, usefulness, and environmental aspects.

He explained how when he started his career there was a large tanning industry in NZ largely supported by government protection for the footwear industry, import controls, and export incentives. Now though, in the global economy much of the industry, particularly for finished leather has moved overseas, usually to countries where there are lower labour costs and/or lower environmental requirements and/or proximity to the market for finished leather goods. And these locations are constantly changing.


Matamata Rotary Reaches Out to Ballina in New South Wales


Matamata Rotarians have reached out to the flood-ravaged city of Ballina in New South Wales with financial assistance after a large portion of the township was destroyed by devastating floodwaters.

A donation of $3000 was made by Rotary Matamata to its sister club Ballina-on-Richmond as the city struggles to recover from the March flood caused in part by a 1.8m king tide on the Richmond River.

Eyecare For Africa ~ A Rotary Stortford Lodge and Havelock North Appeal
This week’s guest speaker was Niall McCormack who spoke to the club by Zoom about his work with Eye Care for Africa, and how we can help.
Eye Care for Africa was founded in 2017 by Hasting’s optometrist Niall McCormack.
It was formed to provide real eye care to some of the most marginalised groups in the countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya.
Rotary Give Every Child a Future
Prepare for the District Training Assembly April 30th
Your club officers will benefit from the leadership and team-building skills they’ll learn during their upcoming district training assembly.
They’ll also hear about new district initiatives and how districts can support club innovations.
Find exercises in the District Training Assembly Leader’s Guide to help your teams work together to define new goals and strategies for their year in office.
Your District Training Assembly will be held via Zoom. Connection details to follow.
Hawaiian Night at Rotary Hamilton East

Handmade Ukulele for Auction 

Attend Rotary International Convention IN PERSON!!!
In response to questions and concerns raised by members worldwide, we are pleased to announce that the Rotary International Board of Directors has confirmed that the 2022 Rotary International Convention will be an in-person event 4-8 June in Houston, Texas, USA. We are excited to offer a special registration rate of US$575
Rotary's Polio Success in Numbers
                                        POLIO NEWS                                        MARCH  2022

Wild Poliovirus in 2022 (2021)*

Global Total:      1 (5 last year)

Circulating Vaccine Derived Poliovirus in 2021 year-to-date (2020 totals)*

Global Total:   51 (484 last year)

*Data as of 15th March 2022. Numbers in brackets represent data at totals for 2021.

Breakdown by country
Polio this week

Pakistan now 14 months with no polio cases

Cambridge Rotary get Parliamentary Award
Rotary Cambridge Urban Miners were recently awarded a national accolade at the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards held at Parliament.
Awarded the Community Group Award, this award recognises and honours a not-for-profit community group that contributes to enhancing the environmental and social aspects of their region and shows a strong sense of community spirit. 
There were three very strong finalists in this category and it is fantastic that the hard work and commitment from the whole Urban Miners family has been recognised on the National stage
Rotary Conference Cancelled
Maketu Rotary
Maketu Rotary puts in 706 volunteer hours in major community project
Well, that’s about all there is for this issue from District Governor Ross. Don’t forget that the District website is fully operational and you will find a plethora of information about Rotary, D9930 clubs, and all activities. Please take a good stroll through the site by clicking HERE.
Editor Max Patmoy (
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