Guest Speaker – Joshua Henderson Reporting on attendance at Rotary National Science and Technology Forum 10th - 21st January 2021. Stephen Cox introduced Josh and his family.
Josh thanked Rotary members for their sponsorship to attend the Forum and also for listening to his presentation.
He described his taste of ‘Uni life’ managing his own laundry and balancing this with time in the games room. He had a very full schedule:
Food and nutrition
Psychology - learning to become comfortable in each other’s presence, thus gaining a widened view of others at the forum.
BioSciences and Chemistry - lots of use of VR, investigating creating a molecule to see if it would have an impact on Covid 19. Chemistry was very interesting, reinforcing how dangerous a chemical reaction could be.
Landcare and Research - a great collection of insects to study.
Physics and Molecular Biology - he showed a video of creating an air cannon and extracting a DNA sample from his mouth. Micro Biology and Applied Math - growing bacteria from his mouth.
Astronomy and Video Sciences - learned about coding and special programming, learning online.
Electronics - Josh has picked up this subject for next year as it really interested him. He made a maze and a robot.
Introduced to BECA - Asia Pacific’s largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies.
Created a map and digital pictures of buildings of a Tsunami hit, using a holographic lens to gather information and impact on surroundings.
Josh thanked Rotary for the opportunity to attend this forum and said that he was unsure of his future but is leaning towards engineering. He is definitely going to talk to other year 12s to recommend they also follow up with this opportunity.
Thanks was given by Bill Izard.