Posted on Apr 22, 2019
Tania Rauber & Melanie Allen were introduced by Vic Richards. Melanie comes from Pirongia & Tania from Hamilton. Both Tania & Melanie work as Nurses at Waikato Hospital and both worked at different times on a Mercy Ship anchored off the coast of Cameroon.
Mercy Ships is an international charity dedicated to bringing hope and healing to the world’s poorest people.
Mercy Ships bring free healthcare services to people of all ages in desperate circumstances people who have no chance to get the medical help they need until a hospital ship from Mercy Ships comes to town.
Volunteers perform life-transforming surgeries, provide desperately needed healthcare & training, run the ship, feed to the crew, support with donations, prayer & encouragement to all those involved in a mission of mercy.
Mercy ships started in 1978. Tania went first to work on a Mercy Ship which is a floating hospital with Doctors, nurses, cleaners, and administration staff. A field service lasts 10 months, involving 400 volunteers.
Some staff bring their families with them and they have a school on board. Over 7400 surgeries are performed each tour. Common surgeries are burns contracture, enlarged thyroid glands, orthopaedic surgery for bowed legs, club feet & bone infections. Health care for women who have experienced difficult childbirths are very important to remedy as often these women are rejected by their families & husbands.
Cleft palate is also common. In Cameroon, there are 77 doctors for every one million people. The majority of the population in Cameroon is Christian, followed by Muslim. Highlights working on a Mercy ship is it is a very holistic environment with family members of patients staying on board. The patients are very trusting and often travel for days to get assessment & acceptance for surgery. The Mercy Ships can’t offer help for those suffering from Cancer.