Hawke's Bay's teenage National candidate in the upcoming elections! (read more)
At last weekends pathway plantings there was a young woman who joined in the work.
She was Katie Nimon, General Manager of Nimon & Son’s and now National candidate for the upcoming elections.
I was asked if Katie had spoken to the Club before, and a search of our Bulletin Database discovered that she had indeed, and that was on the 15th October 2015.
That bulletin is attached. Another interesting point was that I wanted better photos of her. Well- Jim Dine!
Those who were Club members prior to this date will remember Jim Dine. Jim was the Bulletin’s official photographer, and he kept all the photos he took relating to Club meetings and he would often take 30-40 or more. These he methodically labelled and stored on CDs. All of these were given to me by the family after Jim died “in service” on the 17th April 2018. So this was the big test. Jim had filed the photos so clearly that I soon found all photos relating to that night.
There were half a dozen of Katie and I have included a couple. Thanks Jim