Posted on Jul 23, 2019
From Leicester in the UK Colin specialised as a kidney specialist in Birmingham.
After working in the NHS in the UK he moved to Hawkes Bay seven years ago.

Working as a kidney specialist he saw the need for health to be preventative rather than reactive. 60% of kidney disease is preventable. There are  2500 people with kidney failure and New Zealand spends millions treating kidney health. Western lifestyle impacts on health and the key factors are obesity, hypertension, cholesterol and sleep apnoea. 
Shape My Health is a New Zealand owned company which empowers people to manage their own health.
Cars need new WOF checks, are our bodies any different? 

Moving from reactive medicine to preventative medicine,
Shape My Health offer health assessments. Most people wait until they are sick before they see a doctor. Shape My Health empowers people to manage their health before problems arise. The assessment tests for 60+ offer a pre-assessment questionnaire to get a feel for your health provides a baseline medical and provides a review and a health plan – with a doctor’s report card. These health assessments cost $500.

Colin said they don’t replace your primary health team but complement them. Often further support is arranged through scans, sleep studies, heart scans etc. They have a team with a broad range of specialists. Shape My Health will offer support to empower people to manage their own health.
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