Jacob spoke on his experiences at the RYLA week.
Around 35 “RYLArians” attended the week from age 17 to 27. He didn’t have a clue about Rotary before he was selected.
Experiences included high ropes (being scared of heights, this was a challenge for him), impromptu speaking (he had to talk for 90 seconds on “What motivates me to do what I do”), “Master Chef”(not his thing but fortunate to have talented chefs on the team, so he was the artist for their menu sign), Wetlands Trust (planted trees there), rock climbing, caving, and abseiling.
Oh, and the meals were “too good”! The week gave him a greater realisation of who he is and he feels more comfortable and not as worried about what others think.
He made new friends, one of whom said that he thought Jacob was shy at first then found him to be a peacemaker with silent confidence. Jacob’s wife thought he was way more confident after the week.
He thinks that he has gained confidence in running staff (he manages QRS’ Traffic Management crew of 21 staff - including both his mum and sister!). He thanked us for for sending him on this week, and thanked his wife for keeping the household running while he was gone.
He would definitely recommend this course to others. • Terry