June 2024 Update
In this email:
  • A thank you from the Steering Group
  • An update from the Regional Council
  • Make your club irresistible
  • Facilitating collaboration and joint project opportunities
  • Rotary Specialists and Specialist Hub ready to assist
Dear Rotary and Rotaract members,
With 1 July 2024 fast approaching and heralding the launch of the new and exciting way of doing Rotary in our part of the world, as Chair of the Regionalisation Steering Group I would like to say thank you on behalf of the members of the Steering Group for committing to our Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot.

Our Pilot project is about strengthening and empowering clubs to increase their individual and collective impact on their communities, and through collaboration within the newly created Rotary Community Groups (RCGs), to grow Rotary and Rotaract.

We have arrived at the starting line ready to implement the developed model and test new ways of sharing our impact with the world because of many hours of volunteer time delivered by hundreds of Rotarians and Rotaractors, who have been working in the background for several years on this project. To those that have committed their time, energy and effort to the planning and the development we also say Thank You.

This will be the last monthly email communication from the Steering Group. From July the Regional Council and Portfolio committees will be providing updates as they take control of operationalising this project.

The Steering Group function will remain to oversee the monitoring of the project and its ongoing evaluation, and ensure our Pilot stays true to what was proposed in the approved Regionalisation Pilot Business Case.

The composition of the Steering Group for the remainder of our Pilot will vary as agreed between Rotary International, the Steering Group and the Regional Council.
Regional Council update
As previously reported, we have identified Membership; Public Image; Interact; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Rotaract MDIO responsibilities as the first functions to transfer from Districts to the Regional Council as of 1 July 2024.

All other functions currently operated by Districts will continue until they formally transfer to the Regional Council. Discussions are now underway in relation to what those other functions and areas of activity might be. These discussions involve direct input and discussions with District leaders and other stakeholders.

The District Governor role continues through the duration of our Pilot, although the scope of the Governor’s activities and responsibilities will transform with the transfer of district functions to the Regional Council. To learn more about the District Governor duties over the course of our Pilot please refer to this document. Responsibility for the Rotary Foundation remains with Districts for the duration of our Pilot, and clubs and members should continue to support and use the Foundation. The Regional Council will work alongside the Rotary Foundation to meet our objectives.
Make your club irresistible!
The Membership Team on the Zone 8 Regional Council will soon be looking for 100 clubs to participate in a new initiative designed to make your club irresistible!

Fit for Purpose is a two-year program tailored to transform participating clubs by giving them the tools they need to appeal to and attract new members, while also keeping existing members engaged and fulfilled.

Visit the Creating Tomorrow website to learn more and find out if your club is eligible.

Club Presidents, Secretaries and Membership Chairs recently received an email about the program, and we sincerely thank them for their interest in this important initiative.

Further details and a link to the application form will be made available in the coming weeks.
Rotary Community Leaders: Facilitating collaboration and joint project opportunities
From July 1 Rotary Community Groups (RCGs) and Rotary Community Leaders (RCLs) throughout Zone 8 will be key connections to the Regional Council and pivotal to meeting the growth and impact objectives of our Pilot.

Over the last month RCLs have participated in an extensive learning and development program to ensure they are equipped and ready to support and facilitate their respective RCG on its path to growth and success.

Your RCL will be reaching out to your club soon if they have not already done so, and we look forward to seeing the Magic of Rotary come alive through each RCG’s Growth Plan.

To familiarise yourself with your RCG, visit the Creating Tomorrow website.
Update on Rotary Specialists and Specialist Hub ready to assist
We are delighted to announce we have over 70 Rotary Specialists who will be offering their advice and skills to clubs across the region from 1 July. Clubs will be able to access these Specialists via the “Specialist Hub” from next month.

We are always looking for more dedicated Rotarians and Rotaractors with skills and experience to become Rotary Specialists.

If you are passionate and happy to share your knowledge with others, we want to hear from you!

We are especially keen to hear from people (and teams) with skills and/or experience in areas such as:
  • Conflict management
  • Strategic planning and governance
  • Club fundraising
  • Event management
No matter what your area of expertise, if you have shared it in your club and or District and beyond, we strongly encourage you to apply!
Keep up to date via the regular communications from our Pilot team and continue to provide feedback through your District Leaders, RCLs, the Regional Council or the Steering Group.

For further information continue to visit creatingtomorrowrotary.org.
For and on behalf of the Regionalisation Pilot,
Neville Parsons and Dallas Booth AM
Regionalisation Pilot Steering Group Chair and Regional Council Chair

Note: This email is being distributed to current Rotary and Rotaract members in Districts participating in the Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot