Bulletin for meeting held on Monday 30th May 2022 
Meeting opened @ 6.04
Present – Christine, Monika, Chris, Greg, Hywel, Owen, Warren.
Apologies – Tamara, Max
General Business –

Only one item to discuss: What the blazes do we do??? !! ?

We have no president for the club (most of us have done it twice already), the membership has dropped by 50% over the past 3 years, projects are taking a long time to finalize and we have raised few funds.
Warren reported that he had attended one of the EPro8 events at Parawai School last week.  This is organised by a private company that supplies scientific tool kits to run competitions for students.  The results were impressive – teamwork, lateral thinking and applying their knowledge of physics, engineering and electronics were great to see.  So we are doing well in our community by funding these events.
Seven people assembled tonight.  A good turnout as one member cannot attend for health reasons and one for business, so the maximum number we could have is eight.  We all felt that society is changing and that in New Zealand Rotary membership was dropping.  It is becoming more difficult for people to free up time from business, and family to get involved in sports and other involvements.  We have to be relevant to our community to survive.  It seems we are not relevant to local businesses (in the past we were a vehicle for business networking).  Our “club” needs to be a conduit for doing good in the community.  Could we ask local cyclists to help with our Hauraki Rail Trail shelter project?
There has to be something in it for people to join and remain as active members.  Will engaging with the community and involving all interested parties bring us more members?  What do we want our club to be like?  Our present setup does not seem to be working.
We have had some good projects lately – the Goldfields Farmers Market, Secure Number Plates, RYPEN, EPro8, Rail Trail Shelters, etc.  What does the community require: can we make it happen with funding or by using our skills?
Monika, via her Facebook page, had become aware of an alarming rise in the number of hungry people in Thames.  The Presbyterian church cooks a meal on Sunday evenings, the Anglican church cooks Monday night, and the Baptist church on Tuesday.  She suggested we could be the avenue to coordinate commercial kitchens in church halls and schools to provide a “soup kitchen”.  Could we organise the collection of leftover foods from cafes, supermarkets, etc.. Freemasons appear to have funds to provide a mobile kitchen.  The meeting felt that the situation will worsen with the escalating cost of food and the possibility of widespread recessions.  We could get more involved in local school gardens and expand to the preparation of produce to eat. 
Roll on further discussions!!
We also touched on how District and Rotary International were addressing the drop in Rotary membership and adapting to the changing world.  On that front, we all received an email last Friday stating that Zones 8 and 19 will set up pilot studies to explore, test, and develop a framework to confirm what works and what does not.  You will all be voting on this in September and implementing in October.  Maybe the rest of the world (the other 32 zones) will follow!!!!  In case you did not click on the link in the email I have included it here: https://creatingtomorrowrotary.org/
The meeting closed at 8:10 pm.
 Next Monday we have a really interesting speaker – Jerome Wenzlick of Future Post: https://www.futurepost.co.nz/.
Please recycle all your plastics, including soft and disposable face masks.  It is so easy: https://www.recycling.kiwi.nz/recycle-courier-bags.
Also, read on for updates on the Hauraki Rail Trail Shelters and next Wednesday’s coffee morning.