Posted on Dec 17, 2018
 What a good meeting we had on Wednesday.  It was a pleasure to listen to Mikala tell us her background and aspirations, and great that we can nominate her for RYLA. She is a leader in the making.
Mikala spoke to the club about her life which we all enjoyed. She explained that she has a habit of putting her hand up for everything (school days: Junior forum, deputy for house captain yr 12, summer science application).
She was selected to go to the Women in Defence symposium held at Devonport Naval Base where they were introduced to the Navy, Air Force and Military.   

She had an inclination to be a teacher at the Vision College got her certificate for Early Childhood. She also spent time tutoring a young girl from a Cambodian family and then followed on by coaching the girl’s brother.  

She has been a netball coach, day camp supervisor for Day Camp run by the Springs Trust. Mikala has also applied to the police force but her eyesight let her down. She is going to have laser eye surgery this year. Before that happens she will be attending Camp America for six weeks.

Most impressive talk and Martin moved, Carolyn seconded, and all approved that we do an application for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) this year.