Posted on Nov 30, 2018
Our speaker on Wednesday night was Nicole Siarez Peromo.
Nicole and her mother Sandra attended our meeting as Nicole wanted to extend her thanks for the Dux prize and also to let us all know what her plans are for the next three years.  

Nicole is studying for a Bachelor or Science and Technology with emphasis on the Environment.
She has received from Te Paewai O Te Rangi a scholarship for the Waikato University which will help finance the next three years of study.
She intends to bus over daily as the fare is only $1 as this will conserve her funds. She also hopes to get work experience in the Uni holidays which could lead to excellent experience.
Nicole works up at the Te Aroha Medical Centre at present where she has been since she was 16 years old which will help with her finances. 
In the future, Nicole would like to study the environmental side of science and would like to be accepted to go down to the Antarctica or other places in the world she can study the changes to our environment.  
She closed her talk by performing for us by singing and accompanied herself on the piano