Posted on Oct 30, 2018
Three Minute Speaker Bob McCaw.
Bob’s talk of a year ago described how Glenys and he were caught up in the May 1987 Coupled by Col Sitiveni Rabuka, and, as a result, had to leave Fiji in a hurry.
He returned in 1988 to implement the TITAN program.
He was then employed to develop computer systems to support the new Form 6 certificate which was to replace the NZUE qualification.
This was also implemented in Tonga and, returning from Tonga in 1991, Bob arrived back in Suva  after midnight on a Saturday to find the runway lights at Funafuti airport were out. 
This was very worrying because of the Sunday Observance decree which meant there would be no taxis or anything else operating. There was one taxi and the driver agreed to try to get Bob home. They drove via the Nasouri police station to get a driving exemption.
At Nabua there was a roadblock. About a dozen kava drinking youths were manning a barricade and spoiling for trouble. They advanced on the car and shook it back and forth. Bob knew the village was besotted with the 7’s game and was the home of Waiselei Sarevi.
He told the leader that he was from the home of Jonah Lomu. This worked like magic. They opened a gap in the barricade and so he safely made his way home.
Bob has been to Fiji every year since 1987 and he and Yvonne will be back in Fiji in June next year.