Tauranga Rotary:
Greetings all! What a great night we had on Wednesday. Mike Savage and his Youth Committee took charge of the meeting and with the theme of Basic Education and Literacy the meeting became a classroom.
The ‘school day’ began with singing the National Anthem followed by a karakia (as we did in the day). Any back chat or misdemeanors resulted in ‘doing lines’ for the ‘teacher’.
We were given a chance to share where we were schooled and to recall any amusing stories. Margaret Cooper wore her gym frock from 60yrs ago—and it still fits! Teacher, Mr Savage, relayed Murray Napier’s experience of being a scrawny little pakeha boy being schooled at St Stephens Maori Boys College. It was a great night. Well done team. Tess Matecki finished off by giving us all a brief lesson on the common courtesies and greetings in French, Italian & Spanish.