Rotarian. Robert Benjamin of Rotary Club of Ahuriri Napier has designed a shield to be attached to the car Sun Visor to protect the driver’s eyes from being blinded by Sun low down on the horizon.
He states that on hearing of four people being blinded by the sun, three of whom crashed into parked vehicles, he designed this glare protection shield. He adds that since he started promoting to his Rotary club, to two Christian organisations and to two Friendship ( previously Probus) clubs, he has come to know of five others crashing into other vehicles and of one killing a pedestrian and another killing a cyclist as a result of being blinded by the sun.
He had great difficulty in finding a firm to produce them- costing $8 per piece.
He spent 30 hours preparing the 300 shields.
He has valued his efforts at $7 and is selling them at $15 each. with the entire $7 from sales being donated - to Rotary Foundation for the eradication of Polio. 
He states that it is the cost of 4-5 coffees or lunch but could save many from serious accidents.
His contact email address is:
Payment can be made on line: $15 + $4.25 for P&P totalling $19.25