Posted on Sep 30, 2019
The Blokes Book Launch.
Ralph thanked those who attended the launch of the Blokes Book which we supported from the last Mission Concert.
More books available if you or an organisation you work with can hand out to help blokes take better care of themselves and their sons. 

We know that men’s partners and families also feel the economic and social impacts of men’s ill health.

In Hawke's Bay, we do not have a Men's Wellbeing Centre for men and their families to access support and information.

We hope to change how that looks for Hawke's Bay Men and their families.

The Blokes Book Hawke's Bay, Tāne Whai Ora, is a 50 paged magazine-style book A5, with an anticipated print run of 15,000 copies to be circulated across Hawkes Bay and CHB in late May.

Printed in full colour, the Blokes Book provides local organisation listings, national helplines and a range of information on Health and Wellbeing aimed at men of all ages.

Support of The Hawke's Bay Blokes Book is available as page sponsorship or as a donation toward production costs of both the book and proposed website.