Posted on Apr 08, 2019
Thomas Nabbs shared with us of his Charity, ‘The Water Boy’.
Sport has been a passion for Thomas for a long time. Besides being passionate about sport, he is also extremely passionate about business, developing culture and developing people.
The sports that impacted him in his childhood have inspired him to create an environment that will create stronger people and communities by enabling the opportunity for personal development through having access to sport.
‘The Water Boy’ organization breaks down the barriers to give young people an opportunity to participate in sport.
They believe that sport is a very important part of growing up in New Zealand.
The individuals are referred to as ‘the Water Boy’ by Schools, various Government Departments and various organizations life the Deaf and Blind societies.
It is a vigorous selection process and that they are looked at:
1: Is there a barrier why they do not have an opportunity in sport e.g. Cost?
2: Would they appreciate the opportunity?
3: Would they make the most of the opportunity?
4: Do they want to help themselves?
Once a person is selected, they are sponsored by individuals or businesses, receive 1 to 1 mentoring from a well-known sportsperson and personal training.
Thomas did bring along one of these selected young people.
Storm is 15 years of age and with the help of ‘The Water Boy’ she is able to participate in horse ri9ding and hip hop dancing.
Thomas is enthusiastic about sport and giving our young people to chance in life.