A Night of Moonshining!!
Raewyn introduced Jean who entertained everyone telling us about the Eastern Bay Wine Makers and Brewers Club and introduced us to some of their treats.
Later in the year, they are going to host a nationwide meeting in Kawerau showing off and comparing their wines, beers and liqueurs.
President Lynette thought it would be fun if we learnt how to make liqueurs to be tasted and judged at our end-of-year meeting when they should be well matured
Jean had three willing assistants in Kyle, Jocelyn, Charlene and Lynette as she demonstrated the basics of fruit liqueurs --- she used a wide variety of fruit including mangoes, passionfruit, feijoas and plums.
Her recipe is ---- 500 gm of fruit, 2 cups of sugar, and 750 ml of gin or vodka. The fruit is pricked and put in a large glass jar with the sugar. Cover tightly and leave to stand for 4 to 5 days until the juice runs freely. Then pour in the gin or vodka and cover tightly. Leave in a warm place for 2 to 3 months. Strain and squeeze the fruit. Pour into sterilised bottles and cork tightly.
Jean had brought some samples with her and Kyle was the waiter who handed them out to all and they were enjoyed with lots of laughter --- plum liqueur and peppermint liqueur and an orange brandy (which was the Editor’s favourite). Thank you, Jean, it was lots of fun and we look forward to December to see how our own Moonshine or Potcheen matures and is enjoyed.