Posted on Mar 26, 2019
Report on 2019 Conference at Hamilton 
 **  Inspiration around every corner **
Tracy, Kevin, Brian and Shirley, and Gail all attended and agreed it was a great weekend and lived up to its motto.  
So many of the inspirational causes organised and supported by Rotary were showcased including the one we are looking at supporting with a Sausage Sizzle, Shelter Box.
Saturday’s lunch break was very sobering as 250 conference attendees led by DG Graham Jull walked down to the Hamilton Mosque to pay their respects.  The Iman thanked them for coming.  Over $3000 was collected at Conference for the District 9930 Appeal for support for Christchurch. Tracy said she felt revitalised by the high calibre of speakers at Conference.  
The story of the School of St Jude in Tanzania where they aim to fight poverty through education was amazing.  An Australian lady, Gemma Sisia, founded the school with the assistance of Rotary and the ripple effect on local families and communities has been life-changing for so many.
Pisey Leng who was a survivor from the killing fields of Cambodia came to New Zealand as a refugee and 10 years later found freedom in NZ where she arrived with all her belongings in a cardboard box.  She overcame language difficulties and other obstacles to having a career as an anaesthetic technician owns a bakery in Raglan, is a successful real estate investor and has written a book about her journey by “Holding on to Hope”, a beacon of inspiration.
Jim Hopkins, a well-known NZ TV, radio and theatre celebrity gave a caring and witty address.  He told all there that “they do not need to feel guilty or ashamed that someone came into New Zealand and committed such a horrendous act as in Christchurch.  It is now time to be supportive and inclusive of the Moslem community and all affected by the tragedy”
The “Cans for a Cause” response was fantastic and will make a huge difference to the Hamilton Foodbanks and directly fill much-needed food parcels, thank you.
Saturday night’s South Pacific knees-up was great fun and some of our attendees out-lasted the very excellent band.  
But the editor was firmly told that what happened there, stayed there!!!!