Dale Prebble introduced Stuart Foote a retired local GP who now oversees the Cape Sanctuary project.
Stuart gave us a summary of his failures to retiring early and his change in passions. From Deer Farming to Angora Goats, then sailing including having a vintage racing schooner which he travelled widely in. A bike accident which resulted in a long term head injury made him revisit his own mortality and reassess his priorities.
Once he was able to finally retire he became involved in the Cape Sanctuary project where he has been able to bring in funding to assist with extensive tree planting, building a meeting venue for volunteers, building a large-scale vegetable garden for volunteers. The group called the “Dad’s Army due to their average age, work tirelessly for this project. To learn more about the Cape Sanctuary
Award presentation – At the end of Stuart’s presentation Kevin Longman stood up and gave a summary of Stuart’s achievements and to present him with a Paul Harris Fellow Award.
It is not often that a non-Rotary member is awarded this but Stuart’s commitment to improving the environment make him a worthy recipient of this award.
The seventh Rotary area of Focus is “Supporting the Environment” so it was fitting an award was able to be given under this category.