Flood Clean-up Project
On Thursday 19th November 11 Members of the Greenmeadows Club spent the morning taking 8 very large trailer loads of wet and damaged household effects from flood-damaged properties in the Napier South and Marewa suburbs.
The first loads were extremely heavy with sodden carpets, mats, books and other household effects.
The final property was stripped of all its flooring, furniture, electrical items. Basically, everything that was in contact with water, which flowed through at a depth of almost half a meter in the floods of Monday last. The occupant was elderly and had no relatives in NZ.
The Napier City Council waved fees at the transfer station. At the transfer station, there was a continuous flow of other volunteers as individuals and organisations, dumping contaminated and damaged goods.
The icing on the cake for the Club was a donation from the Insurance Assessors to the Club Community Fund. As you can imagine, it was a traumatic experience seeing her treasures being thrown out. She was extremely grateful for the Club’s support.
President Frank Heuser holds the Flag in the attached photo. 3 trailers are shown, with a fourth having left a few minutes earlier.