Introduced by Andy, Ashe gave a delightful informal presentation, telling the Club about her early ventures of university degrees, commercial pilot’s licence and running a café, before marrying and becoming mother to four children.
Influenced by her grandmother’s love of textiles, Ashe’s interest in fabric and ventures into upholstery were fostered by an upholstery business owner who left his business to her when he died. 
Ashe’s business started in her garage before shifting to a warehouse on West Quay. Her location is now Bridge Street, Ahuriri, in more spacious premises.
She employs 12 staff, as well as contracting work out during busy times. Ashe has never had a problem gaining staff – word got around; Instagram is great for networking, and people came to her with skills and qualifications. A workroom in Hastings makes curtains. 
With the environment and sustainability in mind, Ashe buys mainly from Europe and the US with twice a year shipments, choosing bulk and close-out fabrics to save cost. She prefers cotton and linens over synthetics, e.g. polyester. Colour, embroidery, and velvet are popular right now, especially velvet for curtains.
An annual sale encourages the turnover of stock. Despite her many achievements, Ashe told the Club how much she loves her business, closing her talk with the words “The world’s taken me to fabric”.