Lynne introduced guest speaker James Simmonds. Founder of Webfox company based in Ahuriri.
Webfox uses AI as a business tool to help businesses improve performance and show them how technology can help them.
He mentioned he could talk forever on this subject. Talked about generative AI, G.P.T. (generative pre trained transformers). This covered areas of voice recognition, facial recognition, predictive text, using AI to assist in creating code and creating photorealistic images.
James used an example of a photo of a fridge full of food and asked the computer, "what can i cook for dinner". In seconds the computer came back with spaghetti bolognese, complete with ingredients needed (from the fridge) and how to cook. Another example was asking the computer to create a movie of pirate ships fighting in a coffee cup. He then took a group photo with Fiona in the foreground with a name badge. Then asked the computer what it saw. The computer gave the number of people it saw in the photo, Fiona's name, and what she was holding. The computer also deduced from the background that we were in a coastal setting and probably at a Rotary meeting.
James talked about the increasing IQ of AI and how it is increasing by a factor of 10 for each version. As an example, Einstein was reputed to have an IQ of 210. AI - GP4 has an IQ of approximately 140, GP5 will have an IQ of approximately 1400, and so on.
They are using AI in their business to code for computer applications. They are then checking the code.