Posted on Oct 30, 2018
My name is Randy Rascati and I’m the Public Image Chair for Rotary District 5190.
Our District covers a large portion of California and most of the State of Nevada in the U.S.A. (Not Las Vegas).
The reason for me writing to you is that I’ve been recently tasked with updating our district’s website and came across the 9930 District Website in my efforts to find out who had the best site.
I am very impressed with your team’s work!

Particularly, the thought that you have put into the menu structure and the four buttons you have on the home page that get the user quickly to the information they would be looking for. (Discover/Explore/Engage/Tools) I can clearly see that your team put a lot of work into this site!


I hope it’s ok with you if I “borrow” some of your best practices for the District 5190 website. (I hope that you and your team will take this as a compliment.) Our site has been neglected a bit and has become bloated over the years as people in our district just keep adding information that they feel should be on the site. I’m just getting started with some clean up on our site. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help you’ve already provided with your District’s site as a model to follow. 

Randy Rascati

District 5190 Rotary Public Image Chair