Posted on Dec 23, 2018
Old Rotary Man in Lycra from Rotary Kawerau. Angus and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge:  
Angus told us about his adventures in the rain.  ADG Scotty co-opted him into this totally new venture for him and Barney Gray lent him a bicycle.  
Three weeks of preparation with some training by our Dennis, a new pair of Lycra balloon pants, and he was into it!!  He started at the Motuoapo Marina with Kevin and Rusty egging him on.  Whoops, a flat tyre so he had to start again!!  Then it was all on for 40km in the rain --- a few falls later (as he wasn’t used to his feet clipped into the pedals) and the cheerful sign for the last 10km, and he crossed the finish line in 129th place with Gail, Tracy and Kevin cheering him in  The Rotarian tent was very sociable as he gathered his breath.  
Angus said it was an awesome day and he intends to do 80km next year.  
He has bought the bike and training has begun.  Go Angus Go!!!!