We are indeed in extraordinary times. The Prime Minister has just announced that on Wednesday we are moving to level 4 on the NZ Covid-19 response chart – the top level – so the country is basically going to be locked down for several weeks.
This means that there will be
  • No Rotary physical meetings.
  • No Rotary group project work
  • No social gatherings
Therefore physically the “Army of Rotary” cannot function as we know it – so why not become a "Rotary Community Guerrilla"? Working individually members can continue the work of Rotary within the guidelines and regulations that we now live under.
Here are some ideas on how we can support our community – but I am sure there are a lot more ways. If you have ideas on other ways we can help – then let me know and we can share them with others through the District Newsletter.
  • We can make ourselves known in our neighborhood – offering help – maybe by picking up shopping, being an on-line / telephone buddy, posting mail or getting urgent supplies (see attached flier).
  • Maybe get your club to contact your local Churches, Community Centres and other places where people can turn for help – and offer Rotary’s support. Tasks could then be shared around across the club’s membership.
  • Again- get your club to offer to help local businesses who are still open – if they have a particular one-off need e.g. stocking shelves, making deliveries, etc. (In return the business could give a koha towards a Rotary Project).
  • Go for a “litter walk” and tidy your locality up whilst you have your daily constitutional.
  • Near where I live a volunteer has been quietly improving the paths and steps in a local riverside area. He has done the vast majority of this by himself – and has created a real legacy for the future.
There will be some brilliant ideas out there which can make a real difference.
A request – please wear your Rotary Shirt, Jacket – or something with the Rotary logo on it. This will identify you as a Rotarian and give you credence as well as showing to the general public that Rotary is living up to its motto – Service above Self.
One caveat though – you must keep yourself safe and not put yourself into unnecessary danger. There are very few of us though who cannot safely make a phone call!!
Keep safe and well
Kind regards
Peter Maxwell
District Governor 2019/20
Rotary District 9930
Mobile 027 432 8872