Past District Governor Grant Spackman introduced Mark as a highly skilled at engaging and influencing decision maker, both internationally and within Australia.
He has a reputation for leading and delivering successful sales initiatives at state, national and international level. Mark is Member of the Rotary Club of Beecroft and Rotary District Membership Chair 2012-13. Beecroft has come from a club of fifteen to a club in the forties and growing with engaged members that represent their community and its needs, matching the 6 avenues of service to the communities need and being a place for great fellowship and meaningful engagement in projects.
Diversity is key and having clubs aligned to projects, business, families and traditional needs can be good way of achieving this. Mark has a copy of guide to Rotary form the 1930s he found when moving from buildings. What was true then is still true now, a place for fellowship and business acquaintances doing good in our communities.
Mark shared many ideas and we will review these to use and likely implement. Doug Syme thanked Mark for this thoroughly engaging talk his leadership and insights into his club had evolved to match what its community needed and wanted and how its new resources had continued to grow the club and help Rotary to be its best. Mark was presented with a local bottle of wine and thank you card by our own artist Joan Hay.