At this time of year, my thoughts are turning towards New Year’s resolutions.

The festive season is a perfect time to reflect on the year that’s been and make plans for the year ahead. As we approach 2022, I hope you will resolve to do even more to Grow Rotary in our region.

These are the resolutions I hope you will make to help Rotary thrive:

  1. Enhance the member experience – Every member comes to Rotary with needs and expectations. We need to focus on delivering an experience that meets those needs and delivers value to individual members. Commit to creating a more member-centric club.
  1. Provide meaningful volunteering roles – Every member wants to know that their contribution is worthwhile. Resolve to better understand your members’ skills and experience and seek out the roles and projects that really make a difference.
  2. Increase diversity, equity and inclusion – In the end we all want to feel like we belong. Take positive steps to make your club look more like the community it serves and ensure that every member feels welcome and involved.
  3. Start new types of clubs - We need to start new types of clubs which appeal to diverse audiences and suit our modern, busy lifestyles. Commit to finding those opportunities to start different types of clubs.
  4. Share the wonderful stories of Rotary – We are an amazing organisation and we do great good. In 2022, help your members to be better story tellers so that all our communities recognise, understand and appreciate Rotary’s impact.
We have a big job ahead of us, to reverse our membership declines and welcome in a stronger future for Rotary. Implementing these five simple resolutions will represent a very positive step.
Whilst our challenges are significant, we are also the organisation that has delivered positive, lasting change in our region for more than one hundred years. We can draw on that experience, as well as the ability, resilience and resolve of our members to ensure we continue to make a difference, not only in 2022, but for the next one hundred years.