President Lynette welcomed everyone and introduced Raewyn who is her daughter and also our coordinator with Tarawera High School for the student involvement on Friday 28th for Daffodil Day.
She also passed on Karen Gemmel’s apologies for not making it to our meeting --
Karen is the coordinator for the Cancer Society and Daffodil Day in our area of NZ --- she is excited to be involved with our club but Covid19 has caused many hiccups and she is busy sorting these out.
Barbara Anderson then talked about her involvement with Daffodil Day and her delight in being able to hand the project over to the Club.
Kawerau has always strongly supported Daffodil Day and has a lot of respect for the day. The late Murray Hansen was involved in the early days, and then the Lions’ Club took it over led by Police Sergeant Tony Moller. And for the last 10 years, Barbara has coordinated it all in what she called a team effort with her and the town. Over recent years the involvement of Tarawera High School has been a great asset for the event and they help with the collection especially by foot around the industrial area and the shopping centre.
They also love to buy a fresh daffodil to give to their friends and this has become a lovely tradition.
Boxes have been put into many of the shops already and some of these have a barcode on them to enable people to make a donation directly from their phones. There will be the usual stall in the Tarawera Mall as well as one at the Ballantrae Dairy. All those involved must wear the appropriate lanyard and yellow jacket. It is great to be out and about and busy --- being busy as Rotarians. Lynette expressed our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Barbara for all she has done over the years for Daffodil Day and the Cancer Society.
Thank you, Barbara  