“Rotary opens opportunities” as seen here. The Taradale Rotary Club has been helping in the community once again and over a number of weeks, Club members have rallied around gathering preloved curtains to support the local Red Cross Curtain Bank.
President Claire Connor and members of the Taradale Rotary Club collated around 40 used, nearly new and pre-loved sets of curtains and donated them to the Red Cross Curtain Bank depot in Onekawa. Curtains were gathered from
their own homes; from family and friends; and even found some sets of curtains that had been stashed away (for a rainy day)!!!!
A big shout out to Spotlight Hastings and Store Manager Martine Capper who donated curtains that had been returned or were damaged shop stock, together with a personal donation of curtain tape and hooks. These curtains have been saved from going to landfill – instead, they will be helping families in the community to have warmer and healthier homes.
Red Cross Curtain Bank volunteers repair, and refurbish the curtains where necessary, adding or replacing lining, curtain tapes, hooks etc. 
The Curtain Bank receives referrals from social agencies and matches or adapts the curtains they have in stock.  The curtains are then given to a family to enhance the health and wellbeing of the people in their homes.
Curtain Bank Coordinator Bonnie Plested welcomed several members of the Taradale Rotary Club to their premises where she gratefully accepted their donations; provided them with a tour of the premises; and an update on their current workload. With 6 overlockers and sewing machines, measuring tables, packing and ironing tables in full swing, there was a hive of activity.
Volunteers attend twice weekly, there is no rota and up to 15 staff (and some times more) help out at this fantastic community project at any one time.
Rotarians are good people doing good work in the community and together with other community groups, they collaborate resources and provide assistance to those in need.
For further information about Taradale Rotary - contact President Claire on 027 5777174.  If you have curtains you no longer need, and for more information about how you can help the Red Cross Curtain Bank, please contact Bonnie on 029 1210299