While Interplast doesn’t provide emergency relief, there are often situations where our teams visit partner countries following a natural disaster. Nine days before our surgical and training team were due to arrive in Tonga, Tropical Cyclone Gita swept across the Pacific, causing significant damage in the capital, Nuku’alofa.

While it was initially unclear if the program would go ahead, we worked with our local partner hospital and the volunteer team to assess the situation.
Our team was still very much needed. Assured that there were no safety issues, they decided to go ahead. They were able to successfully assess and treat a number of patients who were injured during the cyclone, as well as treat those who had been scheduled to see them prior to the disaster. Local medical personnel were also able to receive important training which is essential for sustainability.
In 2015 Interplast was also able to help in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal in a similar situation, saving limbs of crush victims while training the local medical teams.
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