Posted on Nov 30, 2018
Guest Speaker Chris Barnard.
Chris told us that everyone is included in this project and that it does not matter who you are. 
Some projects like this have, in the past, failed after 1-2 years because not enough people were involved and the few who were, got tired!  The success of this project is because many people signed a contract to commit to working in the garden.  Even the little children signed by putting a thumbprint on the contract.  
The rule is that everyone must take part. Honey has a meeting each week with the children included and no one is more important than the other. Chris said that the use of the garden is a smokescreen, really, it is about bringing people together in a useful way to benefit everyone in the community. 
The project has a farm too, with 10 yearlings which will be ready to sell soon to get some capital gain. They have recently been given 14 calves to rear.  
A water tank has been installed in order to run water to the paddocks and they have put up a haybarn. 
Ann, from the Presbyterian support team, who lives in Auckland said a favourite quote of hers is   
 “You need to imagine lives that are not yours!”, wise words indeed!                                              
Ann told us that Honey and Tamatea have worked so hard and have accomplished the right formula for a successful community garden.  
The children even made a snail house so that the snails would not eat the plants.  She said THAT IT IS IMPORTANT THAT PEOPLE SUPPORT Honey and Tamatea and come on board as your life will be touched by it!