Last Meeting
We had 2 Speakers, a Mother and Daughter combination of Donna and Danika Bergersen.
Danika spoke of her experiences as BMX Rider. At the age of 12 years, she has done remarkably. She competed in her 1st race at the age of 7 years, came 1st at the Nationals at the age of 8 years.
Over recent years in 2020, she was 2nd at the North Island Championships and Waikato Regional Sportsperson of the Year in 2021 so far has taken out the South Island championships and 2nd at the Nationals.
Danika has raced on 20 different tracks in New Zealand and rates the Cambridge track as her favourite. Her present bike costs in the vicinity of $5000.
Once leaving school she would like to continue her BMX riding as long as she still enjoys it and to become a Police Dog Handler.
Donna followed on talking to us about her time in the Solomon Islands working with RAMSI as part of a peacekeeping Force team of Australian and New Zealand Police personnel.
Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands was set up in 2003 to assist the Solomon Island Police Force with deep-seated problems of land claims and ethnic violence.
Donna time out there was from November 2005 till November 2006. Over that period there were General Elections which resulted in rioting looting and major fires.
She talked briefly of the Chinese and Taiwanese influence in the Solomon Islands.
Donna said the islanders are happy people, the diving and history exceptional and beautiful country.