Posted on Jun 02, 2018
Mika, Tyler, and Sidney all spoke on their experience attending the 2018 RYPEN weekend at Guthrie Smith Outdoor Education Centre.
They were all apprehensive about attending the course at first but all were pleased they went and made comments such as “best trip I have ever been on”, “lucky to have been chosen”, “all the students were very friendly”, “made many new friends”, “very grateful for the opportunity”, “shared life story with roommates”, “encouraged not to give up”, “wouldn’t have been possible without the clubs sponsorship”.  
Brian Hall in his vote of thanks commented that the course would have helped given the students confidence to make their presentation.  Mark congratulated the students on their presentation acknowledging that it was not easy to stand in front of 70 mostly strangers and speak as well as they had. Their talk along with the power point presentation playing during the meeting provided great feedback to the club on the benefits of this programme and reinforced the amazing work Larry and Chris do in running the course.