Posted on Dec 29, 2018
The 27 District Governors Nominee from Australia and New Zealand met in Hobart on the 11th  of September
for three days of intensive training in preparation for our new roles.
The workshops and presentations were an excellent opportunity to increase our knowledge of Club Membership, financial management and governance, District structure and strategic planning.
There was a strong emphasis on membership which flowed through to the Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference that commenced on Friday 14th September. As Rotarians, we can expect to experience greater flexibility in the type of Clubs for the future – E Clubs, Passport Clubs, Next Generation Clubs and even global membership. Several presentations focused on engaging young professionals.
The Millennial Generation will be attracted to Rotary by particular causes and projects rather than simply a desire to become a Rotarian. Rotary Clubs need to be active and provide tangible activities to attract new members. In order to gain the attention of potential new members, we shouldn’t just talk about what we do, but why we are involved in service within our communities.
My week in Hobart was a great opportunity for me to learn in detail my responsibilities as District Governor for 2020-21. However, the highlight was to meet and establish friendships with fellow Governors Nominee – the “Class of 2020-21”.
Supplied by
District Governor Nominee Grant Spackman.