Posted on Nov 13, 2018
Guest Speaker – Monika Zwart has the Driving Miss Daisy franchise. 
Prior to that, she was a police officer.
She grew up in Ormond, her father was a Dutchman who worked from sunrise to sundown. He lived by work and prayer.
She has two brothers who live away from Gisborne.
She took over the farm and as her Dad grew roses she was often called the rose lady. 
Her first job from school was as an orthodontist. 
She enjoyed her time in the police and particularly enjoyed road policing as she loves driving and that is one of the reasons why she bought the Driving Miss Daisy franchise.
She also wants to care for people and enable them to get out. Driving Miss Daisy started in 2009 and there are now many franchises around the country. Drivers are vetted by the Police, are licenced by NZTA, are NZQA Unit Standard qualified and are also trained in First Aid.  
People can use mobility vouchers – these are available for those on the Total Mobility Scheme and they make the trip cheaper. She also provides transport for ACC clients. The prices are standard and not dependent on the time it takes. She is able to take a person in a wheelchair.
The service is much more than just transportation – they will also provide assistance as needed. Monica has regular customers.  
Although sometimes it is tough Monica keeps going because she feels Gisborne needs this service.