Posted on Aug 01, 2019
Every club needs new members, our total District numbers are down close to 100 members (6%) from the same time last year.
If EVERY club in our district gained a Minimum NET gain of 3 new members by the end of this Rotary year we would be back to the level as last year.
Satellite clubs, has your club looked at this?  You only need 8 people to commit to this type of club. They are members of YOUR club (so there is your net gain of 3+), They organise and run themselves, they meet where, when, or whatever at how they see it.
They pay their own club dues, pay District and RI dues as all club do.
Fellowship and community service is the first goal. Watch them expand !!
In Rotorua North Club the have a new “ Not for Profit” organisation as members. The Multi-Cultural Council.  Do you have one in your location? Check it out. A great way to have Rotary seen as being diverse in membership.