One of RI President Jennifer Jones' initiatives is to focus on the comfort and care of our members, and Membership Month is the perfect time to make sure that your club provides a welcoming experience.
Members are more likely to stay if we listen to them and understand what they want out of Rotary. Here are a few ideas for helping people feel valued and involved:
Take the Best Practices for Engaging Members course to develop strategies for engaging people at all stages of membership, or the Creating an Inclusive Club Culture course to discover ways to become more inclusive, diverse, and equitable. 
Make sure your members know that they can develop their leadership skills with professional development courses. 
Help your club improve its member experience, service, social events, public image, and operations by taking the Is Your Club Healthy? course.

Remember that for any Learning Center course, you’ll need a My Rotary account. 

Find more membership resources on My Rotary.