Together we raised $10,570 from the Interplast Raffle

The Hope Family teddy bear raffle was supported by almost all the 9930 Clubs and Rotarians. I was delighted with the response.
The raffle drawn at Conference was won by Michelle Tanner from Matamata RC.
The little teddy in the cage symbolised a child enduring a life of being hidden away due to congenital or acquired disabilities, then being released through an operation by a volunteer Interplast team. Thereby giving a child the lifesaving surgery needed to have a normal family life, an education, a job and potentially a family of their own.
Special thanks to Ahuriri Sunrise Rotary and the knitters from Princess Alexandra Retirement Village, Treasurers Keith and Chris, photographers Jim and Jill and Interplast’s Janette.
What a gift of hope we can now give!
As we know, plastic surgery has the power to change the future of entire communities.
Read on to see our gift!
ur gift to children
In consultation with Interplast the funds will be used to purchase a Lip and Palate Mannequin/simulator (as below) which is covered by the amount raised. This will be stationed in Fiji, where it will be used by Interplast Educational Teams and Fijian Interplast trained Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Semesa Jnr. to train local surgeons and those from neighbouring Islands in cleft repair skills.
The package includes,
  • a simulator
  • consumables (which trainees can stitch into)
  • freight costs
The Simulare Cleft Lip Simulator is one of the most advanced cleft lip surgery training tools available today.
The effectiveness of the 3D printed simulator comes from its remarkably lifelike, tactile architecture, complete anatomy, and realistic oral cavity. Its highly detailed muscular, boney and soft tissue anatomy allow trainees to practice true-to-life incisions, dissections and suturing outside of the operating room. Through this hyper-realistic training experience, surgeons can prepare for the many challenges and nuances of cleft lip and palate surgery, ensuring the best surgical outcomes for their patients.
Again, thanks so much to everyone who participated in making this happen. Think of all the children who will now have their lives changed, by well-trained surgeons performing to high standards of surgery. Without Rotarians support Interplast could not do the amazing job of repairing bodies and rebuilding lives.
 If you would like me to come and speak to your club or wish to donate, please call me on 027 223 8921 or email
9930 Interplast District Chair