Posted on Dec 17, 2018
Christmas Auction -  Assisting Children to School in Cambodia Last night at our Fairfield Rotary Club Christmas party we held our annual auction which was organised by the club’s International Committee. We received an overwhelming response from our club members and from our friends from the Rototuna club who also joined us.  
On behalf of the International Committee, Mike Grayson would like to thank you all for joining in and having fun at our auction. The number of people who came up after the auction and pledged $50 or $100 or some other sum absolutely surpassed my expectations. Thank you!  It is amazing how these sums add up. Thanks also to those people who offered or arranged prizes and to those who gave bids. Thanks to our wonderful auctioneer, Mark.  
We raised a couple of hundred dollars shy of $10,000 !!!   It is not an effort any of us take for granted. I think each of us can say this was truly a collective club effort and achievement. Essentially, this is why we belong to a Rotary club.