Posted on May 27, 2019
A very warm welcome tonight to Maitlands visitors Gaylene and Ellen (his sister), guest speaker Vishant Chettri and his support team Sonam and Aditya.
One Chance Youth Awards this weekend, thank you to Henry and Rachel for representing Rotorua North. 
Sunday 26th (this weekend) will be another firewood gathering day up Mountain Rd.  Meet at 9 am.  Bryan will send an email if this project is cancelled otherwise see you on Sunday. 
Please wear sturdy footwear, gloves are handy for handling the wood, earmuffs for cutting out the noise of the chainsaws, water to stay hydrated.
Vishant Chettri presented an interesting and thought provoking discussion on challenges for students, in particular, international students.  Some of these students come to NZ highly qualified but hoping for a better life than what they are currently experiencing.   
  • NZ host the 4th largest number of international students in comparison to their total higher education populations
  • A google search of how international students are faring highlight some of the challenges
    • Government agencies misleading students about the reality of living in NZ
    • International students failing repeats NZQA tests
    • Exploitation around $ paid for part-time employment
    • Struggling students who turn to crime/prostitution
A very sobering presentation but a situation on which Vishant is working to make some changes.  If you would like to talk to him about his plans/dreams and the challenges facing international students he can be contacted by email  This may also be something we as a club can address?  Let me know your thoughts.
Coming up
  • 29 May - Quiz night with quizmaster Brett Nicholas
  • 5 June - Committee meeting night
  • 26 June - Changeover, remember $30pp don't forget to let your significant other know.
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Saturday 25 May
Set Up 6 am - Bryan and Shirley
Collection 8.30am - Ron and Jim
Clean Up 11 am - Lesley and Kuldeep (and Janine)