Back in 2014 when Seng was just 18 months old, he pulled a rice-cooker of boiling water down on his head.
His injuries included deep burns to his face and right hand, and the risk of going blind.
A local surgeon who had trained alongside Interplast teams treated Seng’s burns.
Not long after, a visiting Interplast surgical team was able to work with the local surgeon to further treat the burns.
Interplast’s ambassador Turia Pitt accompanied this team. She had previously suffered personally with horrific burns to 65% of her body.
“Little Seng was one of the patients who I met that stuck with me,” says Turia. “If not for Interplast, Seng would have been blind. It really hit home to me how lucky I was to get the treatment I did.”
Seng is now nearly five, and as you can see he is full of life and character, and our surgeons say he is developing well. They will check on his progress again next year.
We love hearing how he Seng is going and seeing that infectious smile that brightens up our days!
Thanks to those Clubs and individuals who have been donating to the District 9930 Challenge for wanting to take part in helping people like Seng and giving local medical staff the opportunity to learn new skills that will benefit the community for years to come.
Google ‘givealittle Interplast’ and remember to add in the comments page ‘towards the 9930 Challenge’
 Contact 9930 Interplast District Chair Elizabeth Wright on 0272238921 or email for Club donations or to book a speaking time