You must have a LOGIN name and PASSWORD to access the Member Area of this website.   The login name and password that you used with the old district website will not work on this site.  You will have to create a new login name and password for this website.   

If you haven't set up your login details, CLICK HERE  and follow the instructions for obtaining your login name and password.   


If you know your login name and password

1.   On the top right corner of the page click on the Member Login link.   

2. The window below will appear.  Enter your login name (which may be your email address) and your password.  Your login details can be automatically remembered.  Just check the "keep me logged in" box and  when you go to the district website you will always be automatically logged in.   

3.  You're now logged in.  Your name wil appear at the top right corner of the page.

4.  If your login fails you have probably entered an incorrect login name or password.  To retrieve/reset your login details  CLICK HERE.   If you are still unable to login, contact the district website administrator.