In the first month of my exchange in Denmark I have experienced extremely cold weather.


It has snowed twice in the time that I’ve been here already and I’ve concluded that I don’t like it very much.


I don’t believe it has gotten much warmer than 10°C. Despite this I am still very much enjoying my new life here.


In the very first week, my host family took me to Copenhagen.


It was a wonderful city, unlike anything I had preconceived. We visited the iconic Little Mermaid statue, who truly is little.

It was too cold for a canal ride but I am sure I will have more than enough opportunities to revisit and go on one then.
On Saturday mornings, my family has a tradition of going to the harbour pool, an outdoor pool, and swimming. The water is usually around 4°C. I have done this a few times already and am quickly becoming an honorary Viking.
The food here in Denmark is very different. I have tried the pickled herring and it’s not so bad. We eat a lot of bread… like a bakery per day. Danes are also very into pizza and there is nearly a pizzeria on every block.
I bike to school every morning, whether it is snowing or raining.
School is a struggle. While I have made many new friends, I feel very isolated as it is difficult for me to participate in nearly everything. But I know things will get better when I learn more of the language, so until then I’ll just have to persevere.
I can say a few simple phrases in Danish but just when I think I’m beginning to get the hang of things, I get told something new and I’m back to the start.
During the winter break my host family and I went to Alicante, Spain for vacation. It was incredible and so amazing to be able to go outside without having to wear five layers. We visited Elche and Valencia and got to try true Spanish paella. I now feel a lot closer to my host family.
I am extremely excited for what else is to come in my time here. We recently received information on our Euro Tour and we will be travelling to: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Monaco, Paris and many other places along the way.
I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity, thank you so much for getting me here.
I am having the time of my life!