Guest Speaker: Isaiah Moran talked about his experiences at Outward Bound.
He thanked the club for making it possible for him to attend.
He was firstly motivated by his brother who had attended who was sponsored by the school. He also has a leadership role at school and felt outward Bound would give him some leadership skills.
in the middle of winter meant they were often cold and wet but never miserable. They ended up in a state of emergency with flooding and need to be evacuated back to the school and had to dig and sandbag to prevent try and reduce damage around the school.
The next day they went on their multiday excursion into the bush where there was lots of damage. They made some navigating errors and were only halfway to the end of the second day.
They considered going back but found the track had washed out.
They went on and completed the climb to the top of the mount and at the descent, there was a bus that took them back.
The next day was a half marathon which everyone on Isaiah’s watch completed. Going in the middle of winter increased the challenge. Lots of people ended up getting sick. Attendance certainly helped Isaiah develop leadership skills, it was also very motivating. 
He has made many friends and they all keep in touch.