Recently the Rotary Club of Greenmeadows hosted the annual Plate Debate between Napier Girls High and Napier Boys High at the Taradale Club.
Over 80 Rotarians, Parents, supporters, and teachers attended.
The moot was “All social media platforms should be banned” with Boys High taking the affirmative and Girls High the negative.
Although Girls High was very entertaining, the Boys High team of Jack Turnbull, Ben Shirley, and Oliver Parvin were judged by the Adjudicators as being the better debating Team.
Napier Boys High not only was awarded the Plate but received $2,000.00 from the Rotary Club for School Technology.
Oliver Parvin was the best speaker and received $500.00 for his future education. Jack Turnbull was second and Stephanie Brough was third.
The swamp kauri plate was turned by Club Member Wally Drayton.
The score stands at – roll on next year’s Debate!