GUEST SPEAKER: Julian Lowe (Opotiki Rotary)
Julian shared his very personal and painful COVID19 experience with us.
Julian and Ngaire had planned a South American trip culminating in a visit to Machu Pichu in southern Peru.
They got as far as Rio for 3 days as COVID was starting to make a global impact.
They were quarantined in Lima whilst their fellow tourists from the States went home.
The Machu Picchu trip had to be sadly canned. After some long delays, they eventually were allowed into the USA visiting Miami and Houston before coming home.
It was not until they flew into Rotorua that he began to feel unwell. He caught COVID from the travel group and 3 days after testing in Whakatane, it was confirmed. Luckily Ngaire seems to have avoided it.
He explained in detail the shortness of breath and the lack of oxygen and how the virus affects the lungs and body. It is very painful and he would not wish it on anyone.
Thank you Julian for sharing this very personal and painful experience with us.